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Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

Although life is very complex and the decisions we make can find a plethora of categories to put them in, life can -in general terms and in my humble opinion- be classified into two categories: the things we can control in life and the ones we can’t. If you most often than not get overwhelmed with things, you could find this approach really practical.

One of those things you can’t control -sometimes- is feelings. Especially the ones you feel with one of those people that only come once in a lifetime and the experience it’s bundled with. The story goes something like this: you meet, the first impression is you can’t believe it, of course it’s unforgettable, you slip, slide, drift, drown on the way and suddenly a sense of self-assurance-for-two invades you. And you’re confident -even if you shouldn’t- that even if one of you tried, you couldn’t let go. Well, that’s the story that almost literally Anna Lunoe tells in this beautiful song.

“Back when I met you, I could not forget you
Try to leave me, I won’t let you
You know I bet you’ll never go
Because you  know the way our story goes
We can take it slow.”

Quality music always rises above. And this song is a testament to that. It doesn’t need PR campaigns, mainstream endorsements and whatnot; from the first few seconds you can sense it. The song starts with a lo-fi vynil-playing noise and Anna’s beautiful vocal’s chopped a bit towards the end of the chorus. A funky vibe, and a serene flanger spiced with a bit of wah-wah effect pave the road to this journey that is best told with the video.

Well it so happens that the official video for this song is a kaleidoscope-centric visual concoction of beautiful horses galloping in slow-mo, the easy-on-the eyes -to say the least- Anna Lunoe and -who I believe is- Harley Streten a.k.a. Flume playing his naturally-morphed midi keyboard on the water.

If we were to speak about the hype this song has gotten everywhere this paragraph wouldn’t suffice. From The Magician featuring it on his latest mixtape and naming it one of his top 5 songs for 2012 to topping Beatport’s Nu-Disco Chart (still #1 as of the time of writing) it has gotten all the praise; and very well deserved.

I’m so excited about this song I’ve included a bonus dub for your pleasure.

Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You


Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You (Late Nite Tuff Guy Disco Dub)

By Yaqui

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