Purity Ring – Amenamy

It’s the most cherished day of the week for the music lover – Tuesday. Go on, get excited. After releasing their first single way back when in January 2011, Purity Ring is finally ready to present their full length album Shrines. Their popularity has been building after quietly emerging and releasing a track here and there.

Finally reality struck and tour dates were revealed. After watching them go above and beyond what I expected, the duo that is Megan James and Corin Roddick made me fall in love all over again. Roddick is casual and lean; James is a strikingly beautiful, five-foot-something lady with a lot to say. Roddick quietly grooves on a custom built instrument that drives both sound and lighting while James‘ charming, yet seductive voice spouts lyrics that are rhythmically personal and alliteratively poetic.

Some shattering find for this candor to die
Plug up your wormholes and give them, to feeders and spirits be freer 
and freer and broil and toil and foil dies
Scallop the breastbone, roll in toll and grow old the long winter in it 
Think not what the season will become
Breathe truthfully at the garden glen, that grew masterfully over your withering son.”

Amenamy is just a piece of this whole sensation that Purity Ring has built. I recommend getting the album and finding your own sensual groove.

Purity Ring – Amenamy