Chrome Sparks – Marijuana

Here’s to a happy Sunday. I’m riding this metaphorical high right now in so many different ways, especially after seeing The Black Keys & TV On The Radio last nightBoth are major favorites of mine and I am pretty sure what I experienced yesterday was one of those lifetime memories. Sometimes you just need to push your way to the front of an audience and fight off the crazies so that you can experience exactly the close-up and personal music of people you adore. And to do that at a music festival where hundreds of others are trying to do the same exact thing, is both frightening and incredible.

I arrived back in Brooklyn at around 1am last night feeling as if I could fly. The rain had stopped, I was eating a burrito, and totally in bliss. A natural high, that only seemed to continue when I woke up this morning and played this song. The title is a total coincidence, but I immediately thought about how awesome it is when a song gives you a natural high. Our emotions are constantly in motion, and it’s usually out of our control. When a song comes on that is capable of continuing a good feeling, it’s bliss. It’s especially so when we don’t know what the song is capable of.

That is precisely what happens here.

Chrome Sparks does something really special with his music, and particularly with this song. The  static bass synth line provides a solid foundation for a sexy track, paired with screwed vocals and a plethora of ethereal sounds that enter and exit the body of this fantasy-filled track throughout the all too short 2 minutes and 59 seconds.

Enjoy the day, get out in the sun whenever you see it shine through the window as it decides to come and go this week, and turn this one up for complete relaxation and enjoyment.

Chrome Sparks – Marijuana