Selah Sue – Crazy Vibes

Hmmm. Hear that sample in the beginning. That sets the ever so slightly off-groove, so that by the time we’re knee deep in chorus, things are getting emotional and soulful real quick. Selah Sue may or may not be my new obsession if not only for the tremendous amount of vocal talent occurring here. The cute blonde from Belgium looks nothing like the voice she sports, one that possesses much power, flexibility and control.

It’s funny because this song is all about crazy vibes, but all I can think about is the warm vibe it’s given me from the start. It’s been playing on repeat for the past couple of days now and I think it stays on repeat because of how tune carries you from place to place, and maybe even because of the ever so slight involvement of a voice box. I love that! It works so well against the raw voice that is hers.

It’s actually really fun to watch videos of her, not only singing, but being. She’s a really entertaining person to watch. You guys know what I’m talking about right? Like when you fall into the youtube hole of watching Shakira or Beyonce videos, where you are totally lured in because of their voices and dance moves, but eventually realize that they are just so good to watch? The way their bodies work in sync with their voices, and how fascinating it is to see one on such a screen that is seemingly perfect, at least to you? That’s how it is with Selah Sue. I was kind of fascinated by how she didn’t open her eyes when she sang in this video below. I don’t really know why, I guess it could be a thing to help you focus more but it was so interesting to me. She’s also just obscenely beautiful, and I think we all have a soft spot for beautiful people on camera. Plus, I love Erykah Badu, and clearly, Selah Sue does too.

I think you’ll find her just as charming as I do. Happy listening!

Selah Sue – Crazy Vibes