Theophilus London – Love Is More Red (feat. Sade)

Late night train rides. There’s really no better time for a serenade and a beat drop. Theophilus keeps it on the level in this track off his very free mixtape, Rose Island Vol. 1. A great deal of his other work is brighter and just a touch sweeter on life. Love Is More Red doesn’t hit those sentimental notes and instead straight keeps it real. London spits lyrics about trials and hardships both in love and money.

They say love is like a battlefield,
But if that was real we’d never see the sun, sun
The thought of lookin’ in your eyes, how that must feel
But it never will, trust it got me numb, numb… 
Still waiting for love to come,
Turn it all around.
Still waiting for love to come,
Turn it all around.”

Meanwhile, Sade sneaks in all smooth, operating some Soldier of Love all over this track. She plays this proud counterpart to Theophilus’ heartache. The two voices spill over salient guitar riffs and combative snares, evoking the gladiatorial arena that is love. We’ve all felt the invasive extraction of love. It can cut so deep sometimes alter huge pieces of our being. But we all keep searching, from within and without, soldiering on to the bitter end. Raise a glass and keep fighting.

Theophilus London – Love Is More Red (feat. Sade)

Sade – Soldier of Love