La Zebra Feat. C Plus – Sunshine On My Mind

Children of the 90s, we grew up on Hip hop. Whether it was Wu-Tang, DipSet, Mobb Deep, Jadakiss, Wu-Tang, or even A Tribe Called Quest, listening to rap as a suburban white Jew made me feel, well, a bit harder. Rolling with the windows down and listening to ruckus beats laced with profanity and having Diesel in the holster was the lynchpin of my high school experience.

And with the recent reincarnation of Snoop Dogg (to Snoop Lion), rap definitely just isn’t the same these days. I love the now mainstream sound of guys like Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa, but it’s definitely a big departure from the Reasonable Doubt era.  So I don’t really listen to much rap anymore, I guess partially cause most of “What’s Hot” on DatPiff feels soulless, most of what’s popular in “rap” feels more like pop/R&B, and cause my tastes and outlook on life are just much different.

But there’s still always a time and place for rap, and C Plus, a (I think) Long Beach based rapper that’s pretty raw flow, isn’t afraid to go in. C Plus is definitely repping the carefree, “I’m gona do me and get mine” attitude. And he goes just a little harder than Childish Gambino, over a funked out beat that’s got a nice punch. This songs both got a fun vibe and a rawness about it that will get your head noddin.

Going through the changes but you stayin who you are,
Going hard cause you aint promised tomorrow.

The songs definitely about lighting up and posting up. But as you age (advice: don’t), you realize there’s sadly way more to life than just kicking it with your homies.  To achieve what you want, you need to double down on life, go out there, and make moves. Keep a sunny disposition in the face of BS, and just flat out grind. Luck won’t ever just magically find you–you need to go out there and seize it.

La Zebra feat. C Plus – Sunshine On My Mind (Oh Lord Remix)

La Zebra feat. C Plus – Sunshine On My Mind