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Visitor – Coming Home (Lifelike Remix)

On September 10th, Visitor will finally unleash their “Coming Home” EP, equipped with a Pu Pu Platter of remixes courtesy of Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Vanguard and a slew of other sexy music making superheroes. The EP was teased what feels like over a year ago in a Fear of Tigers podcast in which he unleashed Lifelike’s remix, and is a two pronged work of surreal, new wave electro-pop anthems.

Like anything Visitor births, “Coming Home” is an essential, roller coaster piece of electro-pop driven by synths, melting 80s-ish vocals, and sugary lust. It’s the type of song that transports you inside of a Sega Genesis, when you ran around in circles with Sonic the Hedgehog racking up gold circles with that silly haircut and shoe combo, and bringing a world of pain unto Doctor Eggman. (Note: if they make that game for the Wii, these songs definitely belong on the soundtrack.)

All I have to listen to in iTunes now is this rip of Lifelike‘s remix, which once again demonstrates his utter mastery of that dreamy French touch sound. While I doubt the incessant stuttering “Cuh” intro from the rip will be a part of the official release, it’s kind of grown on me. Keep an eye out for the other remixes and the next time you’re heading home from a rough day at the office or for a family reunion, toss this one on. It’ll set the mood.

Visitor – Coming Home (Lifelike Remix)


Their remix to Lifelike and Yota’s party anthem is a late night babymaking machine/workout playlist gem.

Lifelike – Love Emulator (Visitor Remix)