Tourist – Placid Acid

I was in search of some new sounds today and guess what I found? A perfect blend of head-bobbing beats with high tones and spacey vocal stuttering to carry me through this day. The repetitive tune that holds true throughout uses the dynamic of a house track, but in a mellow and ambient sort of way.

I actually dislike the world placid. It’s just like moist and cusp for me, really strange to say, uncomfortable. But once I started listening to this song, all of that flew out the window. Tourist, known as William Phillips and formerly known by his producer name, Little Loud, brings us well-crafted, clean sound that travels through levels of space. Maybe it’s just me, but listening to this track feels like venturing on a black hole journey, if one were to know how that felt. To me, it’s like you approach the black hole with caution, look over the edge as if it’s a swimming pool, and just as you’re about to dip your foot in to test the temperature, you’re involuntarily sucked in. But it’s perfect! Because traveling through, you’re entirely conscious of what’s going on around you. There are planets you’ve never seen before, swirling by at lightening speed, and the colors are phenomenal. Green, red, pink, orange, turquoise. You’re in bliss, even though you have no control over how fast you’re traveling, or where you’ll end up.

Then the breakdown happens at 2:39, and things start to slow down. Paranoia sets in for a moment, because you’re uncertain as to whether or not you’ll make it out alive. What will you do? The beat re-drops with a new addition: high-synth. And you realize that it’s all downhill from here, literally, because you are once again traveling at the speed of light and finally you reach the end of the black hole.

You’ve landed exactly where you began, but five minutes into the future. You’ve seen all you needed to see, and now you sit in solace and bliss.

Tourist – Placid Acid