Benoit & Sergio – Everybody

The chopped loop from Sergio’s vocals starts this song with a loud echoed clap ending each verse and repeating itself until the slick bass and synth-work come in, and little by little as the song progresses, you find yourself singing the song’s chorus even if you can’t understand all the words. I have been listening to this song since november 2011, rated it 5 stars and played it so much I had to remove it from my most used playlist just so I didn’t get tired of it. It’s that addictive. It’s almost as infectious as a pop tune, sans the sugar. The record was released in January 2012 via DFA and it quite possibly is Benoit & Sergio’s breakthrough B-side to the A-side Principles.

E-very-bo E-very-bo dy
E-very-bo E-very-bo dy”

Everybody needs somebody,
Everybody wants somebody.”

It’s hard for this song to call one place home. Benoit & Sergio are from different parts of the world; one from Berlin, the other from Washington, DC and this song was cooked between here, there and NYC. This globetrotter of a track is also hard to find it’s situation for perfect enjoyment. I’ve tried it in DJ sets in the beginning, middle and end and it works perfectly with the crowd.

By the time Sergio’s falsetto ends and that beat pattern starts Everybody is singing and dancing — hands in the air and all.

Benoit & Sergio — Everybody

By Yaqui

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