Music Remixes

Candi Staton – You’ve Got The Love (Egon Elliut Rework)

Sometimes it seems the goin’ is just too rough
And things go wrong no matter what I do.
Now and then I feel like life is just too much,
but you’ve got the love to see me through.”

There’s #throwbackthursdays on Instagram, but I don’t believe in that. Throwbacks don’t need a special day when today’s music is basically a revamped, rehashed, sample of this, sample of that menage; returning to the roots is a nice trip. This track may not be the original with Candi Staton’s upbeat soulful voice and it certainly doesn’t hit you like Florence + The Machine’s cover, but it does keep the funk pumping. A soulful piano bit bumps with the 808 while Elliut’s surprisingly androgynous voice is chopped and sent soaring over the simple production. This is definitely a track that taps into Staton’s world and employs today’s funk methods seamlessly.

Never have I listened to any version of this track and not had my mood improved. Whether it be Florence’s powerhouse delivery or this mellowed out gospel tune, I feel fabulous during and after listening to it. I attribute this to the song’s simple but poignant lyrics. We’ve all been in a situation where irritation sets in and attempting to deal with it only leads to more frustration; situations that make us want to vainly crawl into bed thinking t that the situation will miraculously heal itself while we sleep. This song serves as a reminder that it’s a-okay to throw your hands up in a fit because there will (most likely…) be someone there to take the reigns for a bit. It’s a track of praise. Praise for others, praise for our lover(s), praise for our family and friends, praise for the fact that we are indeed not as alone as it may seem.

For some of us summer is over and classes have begun. For others, the days of half-Fridays and weekend trips to the beach are over and it’s back to the usual grind. No matter what situation you find yourself  entering right now, keep this track at hand. It’s atmospheric introduction of an electronic organ takes off into a space-age funk for the 21st century that’s sure to make the most stressful of days a little more summery than bleak.

Candi Staton – You’ve Got The Love (Egon Elliut Rework)