Les Sins – Fetch

Les Sins is the chic name of Toro Y Moi ‘s side project that purportedly has got a more “dance-floor” feel to it. While I can’t quite see anyone bumping and/or grinding to the song in the traditional sense, “Fetch” is definitely eclectic, far out there, and really, really dope. Which are three values I find myself  looking for in modern music.

Les Sins sounds a lot less Indie-vogue  and a lot more like an artist up at 2 AM with a bottle of Whiskey making weird sounds, and just crushing it.

“Fetch” starts off a lot like a Nicolas Jaar track with a really deep, Balearic feel to it. The song progresses and expands nicely, adding not too many layers of sound, including one really neat jammed-vacuum effect. Throughout, you’ll find yourself roaming some “ancient,” extra-terrestrial ruins. There’s even a slight disco aspect to the song.

Can I get some more of that?”


Les Sins – Fetch

This one from a couple years back (I guess before El Toro blew up?) you can definitely get down to.

Les Sins – Lina