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Ladyhawke – Blue Eyes (Jacques Renault Remix)

In time with the recently released album Anxiety, Modular Recordings sent us this sweet freebie. It’s a serious banger with a sick bass-line, claps, hi-hats, chopped vocals and cowbell & conga infused percussions that doesn’t let you stop moving side to side throughout.

Jacques Renault strips the original from its rock-centric melodies and also from most of the lyrics – selecting a verse or two and looping them as to not sway the listener out of the groovy trance he has carefully gotten you into with the addition of every instrument. It is such a departure from the original that I truthfully don’t believe that he/she who loves the original will go crazy for this rendition; and viceversa.

In Jacques mind it’s all about the “bitter end”, and you can feel this in his remix.

Make your run, make a fool of yourself
You’re an accident that’s waiting to happen
Life’s so short, so forget all the past
It’ll be there till the bitter end.”

It’s been a long time since we had any new Ladyhawke material and we welcome this remix to a new original even more.

Ladyhawke – Blue Eyes (Jacques Renault Remix)

By Yaqui

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