C2C – Delta

A couple of months ago, CP asked me what my favorite track of the summer was. My response was none other than C2C’s Down the RoadWith the perfect combination of vocals and tripped up beats, one can expect anything from a head bob to a full out no regrets dance session in the middle of a crowded New York City street. Yes, that has happened. For the same reason, I bring you one of my new favorite C2C tracks off their newest album, Tetra. The entire album is remarkable to say the least, with an eclectic mixture of vocals and the turntable craft we’ve gotten used to expecting from C2C.

Delta gives us a classy build-up from low to high that leaves us in anticipation, similar to Down the Road but with a lovably different flavor. The whole track is so catchy taking us from highs to lows with vocal repetition combined with perfect instrumentation and just the right amount of “licks” to get to the center and realness of this track. Certain emotions are often times linked to very specific tracks. The one I’d choose for this track is motivation. Perhaps even inspiration. I was both motivated and inspired to smile at people as this track played on my headphones on the subway, to find that a good majority of the people I silently interacted with responded in the same manner. I love doing that in this city. It’s so contagious.

Rewind to around 8am. Disappointment immediately set in once I realized that there was no sun the walls of my apartment. I sat in my kitchen attempting to gain momentum for this long day but couldn’t help but feel sad about the fact that it was 8:30AM, and looked as if it was 5:30PM outside. This song essentially changed everything about this day. In heels and nice clothes with two bags (one for work, one for the gym — this is how I constantly roll) I sauntered down the street like a dancing diva. (I wish. I probably looked less like a diva and more like a hot mess due to the disgusting humidity and it’s non-compliance with my hair, but whatever.)

Anyways, may this track do for you what it’s done for me. And more! May your days be filled with happy vibes and ignorance of the weather. Get away from those sticky sucky rainy day blues!

C2C – Delta