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Jessie Ware – Running ( Disclosure Remix)

Do you ever think about how much your taste in music changes month to month? Week to week even? I have my iTunes library set up so that it organizes my tunes based on the day I imported them. Scrolling down the ever-growing list, it amazes me how much my ears have changed. I’ve always said that going through someone’s iPod or iTunes is like rummaging through their diary. You can learn a lot about a person based on what they have stored (and even more if you peep into their Top 25 Played playlist). Going through a library based on the date a track was added adds another dimension to learning about someone. You can assume what mood the owner was in or perhaps what they were doing when they downloaded a track. Combing through my library, I noticed I really only listen to a song or artist from the time I download until I download something new and my Recently Added playlist is updated. This track, however, by the impeccable Jessie Ware remixed by my favorite Brit duo, Disclosure, has remained on play since its arrival into my library on June 19th, 2012.

Ware, like her fellow Brit Florence Welch, has incredible pipes and has every right to show them off with her smooth neo-R&B licked original tracks. At the same time, though, her voice – like Welch’s – soars over a slick dance production. Disclosure speeds up and spins the most poignant lyrics from the song over a beat of a pounding bass drum and tambourines. Light keyboard chords in the background keep the R&B vibes going while synths crescendo into a sassy dance jive. When I listen to this I’m transported off into a swanky cocktail bar where the men are dressed to the 9’s and the women have bee-hive hair-do’s and glittery black body-hugging dresses. It’s a vision that seems too mature for me at this point in my adult life, but a vision I’d go through the looking glass to get to nonetheless.

Am I ready to run, am I ready to fall?

I think I’m ready to lose it all.”

A Saturday night without some dancing beats just wouldn’t be the same. Turn this babe up and keep it going. The title of the track says it all. Once the drum kicks in it doesn’t stop and you’re tagging right along with it. You’ll return to Jessie and Disclosure next week and the next months after – I’m sure of it.


Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)