EMPT Classics: Escort – Cocaine Blues

Yup, another EMPT Classic, your welcome!  I thought this would be appropriate since Summer is coming to an end , football season is upon us, the NEW YORK Jets are playing today, and it’s that time of year where life is going a million miles an hour like your flying high on cocaine…Re-Enjoy!


I’ve been on the beach for so long that it feels kinda strange being back in the concrete jungle. Of course, the second I return to the city my inbox is filled with messages, new opportunities are arising and some of my so called friends are starting to reveal their true colors, what does that airport lady say at baggage claim? Oh yeah –

“Welcome to New York…”

I’m sure my LA converts don’t miss any of that. Anyways, I’m out of Mexico and in honor of the return and I wanted to post a new song called Cocaine Blues by NYC’s own Escort. This disco themed gem is bound to be one of 2011′s dance anthems. It’s got an addicting bass line and irresistible groove that just makes you want to get up and jumping. With all the drama that comes along with NYC, you need songs like this on a daily. I’ve got a million thoughts on my mind and the challenge is to stay focused get everything done and excel, I’m not on the girl but I most certainly feel a challenge and exhilaration by the challenges ahead. This is a make it or break it day, week, month, year baby! Ditch the negative, stiff arm the haters, it’s showtime.

I love the way Escort describes the city in this song…

A Knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork – that’s the way we spell New York…”

This holiday vacation was one of the most indulgent trips I’ve ever been on so I’m going to be taking a break from all the pleasures and get back to business but I had to start of the year with this banger, enjoy.

I don’t wanna stop no, no!

Escort – Cocaine Blues

Originally posted on January 3rd, 2011