The Knife – Got 2 Let U

I’m constantly faced with the question of what my favorite track of all time is. Sometimes the question is framed differently, perhaps pertaining to what my favorite electronica track is, or new indie artist. The question is often met with uncertainty and fear on my behalf, because there are so many that I don’t want to discredit and so many that I don’t want to forget. Consistently though, I’ve turned to a few artists. The Knife, The Weeknd, Little Dragon, The Black Keys, Radiohead…these are all staples in my musical diet. And this track, is exactly the answer to most questions that I encounter about music. Almost all musical questions directed at me can be directed towards this band and this track in particular. It’s perhaps one of the few tracks that I’ve discussed at great length with others where the reactions are very similar across the board. It’s usually a street reaction, one where the eyes are closed and the head is bobbing in tune with the beat. Sometimes you feel as though you’re invincible, like no matter what people think of you at that moment, you are so much cooler than them.

I’m always thinking about what I would say to The Knife if I met them. I really don’t know what I would say. I would probably hope that I could carry a sane conversation. One that covers many different levels, but mostly hoping that they have a lot to say about human emotions. Their music, while revolutionary in sound and movement, is extremely emotional for me and I’m so curious to know where it comes from. What channels of their brains direct that sort of innovation.

If you’re not immediately lured in by the in your face bass right from the start, then you’ll definitely be attracted to the sneaky introductions of new instrumentation as the song progresses. The deep voice that comes in during the second verse, the horn, the punchy vocals in the background — it all happens at such a sly pace, where you feel like you’re meeting new characters of a novel within the span of four minutes. And it’s remarkable.

This track doesn’t necessarily exude swag in the obvious way that heavy hip-hop beats do, but in its own way, it gives off a certain amount of swag. The kind that inspires swag in its listener. I hate using that word in excess, and for that I’m sorry. But I think you guys are with me on this one.

The Knife – Got 2 Let U