Wave Machines – The Greatest Escape We Ever Made

Spending every day on our backs blowing clouds across the sky,
Throwing time away ’cause we can, ’cause we’re never going to die,
We could be stars, come out in the dark.”

Monday, monday, monday. Goodbye to another weekend and good morning to a new week. I’ve started to appreciate Mondays. I like the idea of a new start; a fresh week; a chance to (maybe, hopefully!) follow your planner and to-do list perfectly this week. While the hardest part of Monday (well, any day for the matter) is getting out of bed, I’m here this morning with a song that’ll ease you into the day. Whether you’re just listening to this still in bed ’cause you slept with your laptop last night or hitting that afternoon slump, this track makes for the perfect coffee mate.

Let’s rewind back to  2008. The economy was still rockin’ and Britney Spears was just waking up out from her Blackout. I was still trapped in suburbia itching to get out and move to the big city. Those years (between 2007 and 2008) were years of escapism. The emo-scene had Boys Like Girls wailing/screaming/singing(?) on “The Great Escape” in 2007 and the alternative scene had Wave Machines clinking away at a keyboard with this track, “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made.” Personally, I was rocking out to this track over the Boys Like Girls tune, but choose your weapon (no shame here if you choose the latter). The track brings you in with tiny keyboard chords before Tim Bruzon softly coo’s his way through the song’s lyrics. The track feels light enough to be a morning song and has enough movement in the drums to be a late summer road-trip jam. Sonically, the tune feels like it could have come out during the 90’s, early, 00’s, or today. Its got a feel good vibe that’s enhanced by the keyboard and Bruzon’s falsetto.

We haven’t really heard much from Wave Machines since their 2009 album. Rumor is they’ll be releasing a follow-up album this year, but until then we have this lively little 2008 single of theirs to tease us with ideas of escaping just as the reality that summer is over sets in.

Wave Machines – The Greatest Escape We Ever Made