Grand National – Peanut Dreams

I just love the simplicity of certain tracks and its ability to get you going in a totally unpretentious effort.

When I first heard this song it hooked me. There was something quite familiar about it that I loved. Upon multiple careful plays I figured out it was the bassline – which is a sample of New York Rock & Roll Ensemble’s Gravedigger. This piece is fueled by a psychedelic soul that’s embodied by just a handful of instruments and its bassline plays a central role in guiding us on this enjoyable ride. It’s interesting how the vynil crackle sound permeates the song’s layers from the beginning to the end except for those brief seconds of the musical bridge – where the song just breathes. The repeating guitar riffs accompany the bassline and drumwork as the bed for Ruppert Lyddon and Lawrence Rudd‘s vocals to just glide as they yearn for the simple things in life.

“Give me something,
Give me silence,
Give me jokes, live it out with my peanut dreams. 

Give me daylight,
Give me sundays,
Give me strokes with the folks and their peanut dreams“

Because sometimes, just sometimes, satisfaction is not tied to larger than life dreams but rather small ones.

Grand National – Peanut Dreams

By Yaqui

International Business Development Director for GCS Systems, Ltd. (@tPago) | Technology, Social Media and Music Maverick. Actually, I have an absurd fascination with music -- this is the product of it.