Breakbot – Another Dawn (Feat. Irfane)

“Disco Jesus” strikes again with a slow, steady and sensual tune. It’s simply a panty dropper in the fullest sense of the term that features the unflappable Irfane crooning away. Breakbot‘s full length, debut album By Your Side drops in just five days courtesy of Ed Banger, and it’s definitely music worth paying for.

I and all those with refined, lush pallets love Breakbot because he makes the happiest music this side of Daft Punk. Whether you’re hung over and running on an hour of sleep or just got bad news from the doctor (Root Canal bad), the dude’s music is an instantaneous smile. To quote the single, Thibaut Berland’s production combined with Irfane‘s voice is just unequivocally right when everything is wrong.

Based on the three leaked tracks, I have a strong feeling that the aforementioned and impending album will see a fair share of comparisons to Discovery, and deservedly so. A smooth, eloquent fusion of soul and disco, By Your Side also clearly tells a love story with a very unique and unanimously amazing sound.

The Frenchman continues to represent everything that’s right in electronic music, and it’s really exciting to see an artist who’s been at the brink of perfection for quite some time to put it all together and launch himself to stardom. Because in a day and age when so much mainstream music has gone horribly wrong, Breakbot makes everything right.

Breakbot – Another Dawn (Feat. Irfane)