Night Panther – Snudge

Self-described as sex pop and synths, Philly-based Night Panther is just starting to rev its engines. Quietly releasing two singles so far this year, the duo is soon anticipating their full length LP. Snudge, the band’s first single released earlier this year, floats smoothly along, reminiscent of a less invasive MGMT. If you’re wondering what the heck a “snudge” is, no, its not a typo. It means to be stingy or miserly.

Love is nearly cheaper than human division. 
Our love is a penny worth of beauty in a pool of unstable leeches. 
We take our time to conjure a story, 
to mark territory, continue to back our delicate messes, 
we no longer feel for others. 

The alter made the rules 
and tangled the theory 
of love and its laughter 
which was set by the creatures of insensitive beings. 
We take the pleasure in being defensive, 
to please our senses, 
forgetting our hearts 
were made for affection. 
We started a nasty fable.”

Night Panther weaves some deep thinking into the dreamy melodies. It’s refreshing to hear a chain of words that makes you lean in and listen. I spent my yesterday driving for eight hours and was pleased to discover this track as my wind-down moment of the day. I woke up in the actual “South” today still pondering the meaning of Snudge. Maybe I’ve been dreaming too deeply or Charleston, SC is altering my senses. I’m going with the flow, an easy task when soundtracked by this band.

Night Panther – Snudge