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Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

I may not have grown up when Tears for Fears was big, but I did enter a new chapter of life with this track. I forget the exact age I was when I first saw Donnie Darko, but it was this track that stood out and clung to me when the movie was over (if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that so much more sticks with you but I won’t get into it). The track accompanies a pivotal scene in the movie where the audience gets a glimpse into the relations and public personas of the film’s key characters. We see Donnie exit a school bus through the back as the camera pans through the school’s hall. Inside, the “tough guy” characters and “pretty girl” archetypes are easily noticed while the cynical nature of Drew Barrymore’s english teacher persona is clear, even. It’s a scene that acts as a platform for the rest of the movie and this track is completely appropriate for it. Themes of missed opportunities and time either passing or progressing (which ever way you look at it) are poingent to both the movie scene and this track in particular.

Tel Aviv music artist, Shai Vardi of Virgin Magnetic Material approaches this track in a manner that – depending on how you look at it – is either progressive or retro. He takes a classic track from 1985 and spins it over a 2012 nu-disco production. It is still very much a Tears for Fears track only made for the present times. Yet the present times sounds like a muted mellow disco track from the 70’s. The original bass line is amplified to a level that you can feel through your bones. I applaud Vardi on keeping the original introduction melody. Although it’s toned down, it’s really what sets this track apart from the original. Synths and starry chimes fill in the voids created with Vardi removing the dated 80’s productions. Despite my familiarity with the track, I can listen to this with fresh ears and know what era it came from and still appreciate how relevant it is over a modern-day beat.

Funny how time flies.”

Normally I’m not drawn to tracks like this; they’re never something I think of playing. When they do come on, however, it’s like a sweet hello from a time passed. The vision of the Virgin Magnetic Material version is a different story; a new life for the track. I have a gut feeling that this will be a go to get-up-and-move track. No use in wasting time, right?

Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)