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Freelance Whales – Spitting Image (Little Daylight Remix)

It’s been two years since I saw Freelance Whales in Frenchkiss’ 2010 SXSW showcase. Under a white tent with a few of us ready to listen, they began their layered serenades, and the crowd began to grow. Rumors buzzed about them, and they fulfilled every expectation. Since their 2010 release Weathervanes, we’ve waited patiently for the next addition. And finally, the buzz. The band’s sophomore effort Diluvia is expected October 9, and Spitting Image is the first glimpse we have. The song is characteristic of Freelance Whales’ collection of delicate harmonies and unexpected instruments.

Nocturnal glances were surrounded
Our lights got sucked in and our bodies keep on lifting off the sheets
Our hands get tied to our minds and we keep on talking in our sleep

Caspian power moves within me

My circulation thermohaline

Our fingers swell up and our bodies keep lifting off the sheets
Our eyelids collapse and our limbs and hinges crashed into the sea.”

Since you can stream the album as a preview, this Little Daylight remix felt like an appropriate whistle-wetter for Monday. Little Daylight emerged a few months ago with a rather impressive remix of Edward Sharpe’s Man on Fire. The as yet anonymous remixer is quietly building a heavy repertoire of remixes of indie-sphere bands. For Spitting Image, Litte Daylight injects some electronica, dabbling with effects and kicking up the drums. Take a break and relax with this track.

Freelance Whales – Spitting Image (Little Daylight Remix)