Casio Social Club – Discokicks

One of the first questions I ask someone I meet is “what music do you listen to?” I don’t ask this question because I’m setting out to judge, hate, or be a music snob. I just think about music a lot. And when I’m in a social setting, there’s generally music playing from somewhere. So it seems like a good question to ask anyone I meet. And it’s a good way to learn something about that someone. Of course, many people can’t answer the question sufficiently. Some typical answers I’m met with:

-Anything but country and metal
-Electronic Music
-Gangster shit

These are all fine answers. But not too revealing. I ask the question because I want to want to hear about some dope stuff that I’ve never heard of. Ideally, I want to get my mind blown and say to myself “how have I never heard that before?” And at the very least, I’ll know that we’re probably not compatible.

Depending on my mood, I have a different answer when the question comes back at me. But the general, two-syllable answer I give is pretty simple: Nu Disco.

I then try to describe the sound, jabbering on about smooth bass lines and funky ass beats with sexy vocals and the rebirth of disco. From now on, I may just whip out my iPhone, headphones, hand them to my subject, and put on this song. Casio Social Club’s “Discokicks” is the kind of pure, fun, cheesy sampled Nu Disco that I shamelessly love. Stay Hot4Disco.

Casio Social Club – Discokicks