Perseus – Cool Runnings

I got this song on my birthday this year, on January 23rd, and it was my musical present by producer/DJ Perseus. It unites two very important moments in music in my life — that’s what makes it special. The first one – that deep house bassline reminiscent of those late 90’s raves (they were not parties, parties are EDM events and alike). And on the other side it has that late 80’s and early 90’s vibe with the synth and drumkit work with its tropical house flavor and chopped vocals that clock around 112BPMs.

It was released by –yes, you guessed right, French Express, the coolest label of 2012 (IMHO) in December ’11. It’s important to note the Perseus is actually Leo, the head of the label. He classifies his music as “tropical euphoria” and himself as a “baby making record maker”. On the spot.

In this new era of music production and distribution the industry is as close to technology as it can ever be. Music styles and variations are almost as cyclical as an iPhone model. And this song right here –maybe because it has influences from various decades– I believe is and will be a timeless tune that always feels fresh upon hitting play.

Perseus – Cool Runnings

By Yaqui

International Business Development Director for GCS Systems, Ltd. (@tPago) | Technology, Social Media and Music Maverick. Actually, I have an absurd fascination with music -- this is the product of it.