Poolside – Kiss You Forever

Think about all the ways that we interact with one another, language aside. I’m always raving about body language, but only because it’s a topic of conversation that seems forever present in my mind. I’m fascinated by our ability to relay messages without language, and that’s saying something, because I also love to write.

This song embodies the really simple emotion of that happy giddy feeling you get when you’re feelin’ good about someone. All the music that swirls around a repetitive constant lyric, “I want to kiss you forever” seems to converse with the bright pianos, claps, xylophone sounds, in the sweetest of ways. What it really comes down to though, is who do you want to kiss? And I mean, really kiss? Has someone entered your life recently that you just want on your mouth at all hours of the day? No? Okay maybe wanting someone on your face at all times is a lot, and maybe this song is an exaggeration, but it’s a really adorable notion of loving someone so much that you couldn’t imagine being without their physical body. Not the sex, not the private moments, but the kiss — two mouths that go silent to only speak in the language of body.

Maybe I’m being ridiculous. A lot has happened in the past two weeks that’s got me thinking about kisses, body language, and happy things in general.

Enjoy, ya’ll.

Poolside – Kiss You Forever