A-Trak & Dillon Francis – Money Makin’

There’s a vibe in the air these days in New York City. It’s always present, but as the seasons shift and the weather goes from temperamental to mild at the flick of a switch, I walk the streets and notice an air. It’s one of motivation. It’s the post-summer glow, just as the weather begins to get a little bit chillier.

But I look into the eyes of the beautiful people, and I see the same things I always see. Sadness, happiness, loneliness, or … the motivation and drive to succeed. I’ve kind of learned to look out for it — it’s a hunger that stems from the toes and goes all the way to the tips of our hair. And as it passes along that long line, it stops to catch our gaze, in the pupils of a stranger who hails a cab, or a businesswoman on two different cell phones, seemingly still calm and collected.

We’re all working at that money, trying to pay the end of the month responsibilities. But what if for a moment, we eliminated that one seedy factor? What would be working for? A lot would say experience, for life fulfillment, for goals that we’ve set for ourselves from a younger age. Unfortunately, it’s hard to eliminate that notion. It’s hard to imagine a world that isn’t driven by money. And that can be a sad thing. But I’ve recently dealt with very realistic monetary situations, and in those realities, I’ve come to figure out that it’s all just a load of bull shit. Like, cool. Make money doing things that you don’t really like, or do things that you love, and don’t make money. I just can’t wrap my mind around it most days, even as I constantly contemplate the whirlwind that is the “American Dream” something I think about a lot, especially as I believe it to have stopped existing in the past couple of decades.

These are really heavy matters, I know. Especially, right after my last post regarding kissing and love. But these are all the realest aspects of our lives, even if money is the least real to our own inner beings. It’s real to everyone else. And this song toys with that notion in a really lighthearted matter. I know thatA-Trak & Dillon Francismay not have intended for this song to be at all heavy, but it’s definitely curious to hear such a subject in a track by two very talented and well-known musicians. It’s fun and catchy, much like a lot of pop song bangers these days, but it’s always important to try and understand that dark message that exists under a lot of our favorite poppy tunes.

All realness aside, this song is wicked fun and I wouldn’t have written about it if I didn’t think ya’ll could get down to it. It’s the perfect Saturday track. There’s no problem with thinking about real things and then divulging in a poppy banger of a tune. I think that has a lot to do with why I (and we as a collective), write for EMPT.


A-Trak & Dillon Francis – Money Makin’