Music Remixes

Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming – Howling (Âme Remix)

I have been all about the simple remixes lately. But simple doesn’t really sum it up the way that I want it to. It’s like minimalist design — a little bit cold but ultimately chill and easy on the eyes. That’s how I felt when I listened to this remix for the first time. It played over the speakers in my apartment, vibrating off the sunrise clad walls. It’s one of those songs that you play loud enough but not too loud, with the hopes that someone walking through your building’s hallway will overhear the music and think to themselves, “Dang, those chicks have great music.”

That’s the hope. The reality is that this track is for solo-loving you time. It’s all about the head bob, the way it interacts with you. Let that beat slowly build, allow your eyes to close while you remain constantly on the tip of the sound, as the song progresses. You guys, it’s eight minutes long. You have time to let it permeate. Don’t rush into it either, like I do sometimes when I know a song starts out slow. We’ve all been there, slowly dragging the little marker to halfway through the song to jump the gun.

But isn’t that how we go about life? Constantly trying to hit fast forward. In doing so, as you all know, we miss the best stuff. We miss that which makes us gruesomely unhappy, new relationships, old flames, and sometimes, we even miss exactly what we’re looking to fast forward to. You might think that it’s difficult to imagine speeding up the process of life, because we spend so much time being impatient. But being impatient is the actual act of speeding up. What’s so wrong about committing to the moment? You’re already in it. Why don’t you give yourself and those involved, the pleasure of fully participating?

Ride out life. It’s so much easier that way, even if it seems hard. Just as you must ride out this song, in all eight minutes of its glory. Every single minute is magnificent and important.

Here’s to remaining present.

 Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming – Howling (Âme Remix)