Beat Club – Something Better

“Happiness is a warm gun.”  

If you’re not looking to improve then you’ve either slipped into complacency or you’ve got it made–or maybe a little bit of both (I’m looking at you, A-ROD). Cause whether you’re a 10 time all star or a homeless guy asking for a 10 spot, and not just a dollar (true story) for your daily fix, you’re looking to better some aspect of your life.

For all the single folk–or those embroiled in a dysfunctional relationship/marriage/love triangle, you’re certainly looking for a more appealing alternative. And this anthem by Beat Club is actually about providing that next best thing in the form of romantic company and sexual seduction. The trio of Los Angeles based electro-rock-poppers that have toured with the likes of Julian Casablancas simply nailed their debut single.

You’ll give into me when I’m done…”

It’s an utterly catchy, uplifting, and swell pop track that will set your weekend off on the right foot.

Beat Club – Something Better