Diplo – About That Life (feat. Jahan Lennon)

Good vibes. Good life. Good morning. The first 10 seconds of this track and on will have you feeling elated all day long. This is Diplo’s first single from his to-be-titled late 2012/early 2013 release (it’s his  first full length LP in eight years…). Given that little fact, I am more than okay with the direction this album seems to be taking. This track is hazy afternoon bliss and a perfect companion to getting ready for the day.

Jahan Lennon’s woozy falsetto skims over Diplo’s 60’s summer-esque production (do I hear a little bit of a Beck influence, too?) to create a sonic concoction that goes down real smooth and takes over your body in waves.

I step outside
I slip and slide
I don’t know why
I’m about that life.”

I’m sitting with a hot cup of coffee, some breakfast, and  a good book beside me playing this track. Sunday has always been a day to regroup, refresh, and “begin again.” I don’t like to go out Saturdays because of the standards I hold Sundays to. Something about waking up early on a Sunday has a nice ring to it. It’s certainly an ideal and a goal that’s not met week after week, but it’s the process of working towards Sunday that’s honorable. This track only adds to the downtempo ambience Sundays should lend themselves to. Work hard, but keep it light. Lennon’s “la-de-da’s” aren’t there just for kicks, they’re emphasizing the good life; the easiness is living well; the comfort in liking what you do. There are other songs out there about the “good life,” but this track sounds like the title. There is nothing pretentious about it. No lyric about earning a bunch of money, spending it all on drugs and girls, no designer name drop; it’s about finding yourself a lover, keeping your feet grounded but your thoughts free. What more could you ask for, really?

I woke up this Sunday and decided that instead of asking to live a good life, I have to believe that I can. There’s no use in sitting around asking for things when the real and honest good things come from believing you can and doing it.

It’s a new horizon, now I know who I am.”

Diplo – About That Life (feat. Jahan Lennon)