The best songs to share are often the hardest ones to describe. I listen once, and I’m intrigued. I listen twice, and I’m captivated. I listen again…and again…and again. I’m hooked. Now–in the midst of my 35th play in iTunes–I’m still in awe.

The intro is a tender, tense build filled with tribal percussion that send me to the Amazon. The vocals come in smoothly, showing restraint. This voice clearly wants to scream and shout. It’s filled with angst and ambition, shattered dreams and an experienced soul. It’s been searching for GOLD and it’s found…plastic. The voice wants to shout, shout, let it all out. And I’m singing along in my car, not at all caring who’s watching.

Fool’s Gold. The American Dream. The Sorcerer’s Stone. Everybody’s looking for something.

It’s hard to believe that what we tell ourselves “should” happen to us will one day actually happen to us. We can’t count on that. We can count on some very beautiful things awaiting us in the morning. Maybe the moons shining. Maybe the skies crying. Maybe we do catch lightning in a bottle?

TEACHERS plasters these truths in under 3 minutes and less than 50 words. It’s glorious. It’s deep. It’s an anthem. It’s something we can count on day in and day out: great fucking music.

So put your mask on and pull the chooooord.