San Cisco – Wild Things

Crawling up from the depths…to terrify and torture! Crawling, slimy things hell-bent on destroying the planet!  Whatever you do, stay away from …the Wild Things!!!  At least that’s what Australian group San Cisco strongly advise in their new song.  And honestly, I’d trust these guys to fend off any kind of monsters or things, considering they’ve impaled the odds and risen to be one of the top buzz bands of 2012.  Take that, flying purple people eater.

So far, 2012 has been quite the productive year for San Cisco.  They were the first Australian band to sign with Fat Possum.  Recently they blew the roof off the Bowery Ballroom in a rollicking performance, their first in New York City, and opening for none other than Local Natives, an indie rock with similarly bright vibes.

On this particular track, we might be (lyrically) in danger of being “chased down,” but it all takes place on the instrumental equivalent of a playground.  In fact, a lot of San Cisco’s songs are bright, fun, and ultra melodic.  Their sound is playful yet disciplined, like if ¡Los Campesinos! did all their homework and went to school in a uniform.  That’s not to say they hold back from the sporadic and the humorous: whistles, hand claps, beat boxing, and even a xylophone all contribute to a composition that’s more Gremlins than Alien.  Check under your bed, inside your closet, if nothing is there, well, don’t say these guys didn’t warn you.  The bridge suggests that the Wild Things are not slimy, ghoulish, or even tangible figures, but manifestations of our own negativity:

You’ve got the hatred, but you, you always hate it, and you’ve got to face it now.”

Crooning this monster mash is lead singer Jordi Davieson, who has the charm of Sondre Lerche and vocal nuances of The KooksLuke Pritchard.  He’s found a gem of a counterpart in drummer Scarlett Stevens, who doubles as backing vocalist and sort of takes the edge off of this song with her sugary pipes.  Josh Biondillo and Nick Gardner round out the quartet as guitarist and bassist, respectively.

Wild Things is the first single from their upcoming debut album, out this November on Fat Possum.  Don’t be afraid to enjoy it!

San Cisco – Wild Things