Lucius – Turn It Around

I’m amazed at how incredible the universe works sometimes. A blessing, a new love, enters life and with it comes the twinkle of the eye that you wish so much to remain forever. As incredible as it can be, as blinded as you might feel to the realities of everything else in your life, a totally opposing situation can enter and manage to knock you off your feet. I never get directly personal with my own life in these posts, I try really hard to keep it general — but an incredible force of energy and life who I had the greatest pleasure of knowing has just passed away recently and I feel that it’s only appropriate to dedicate this post to her.

This song on a musical level, is the furthest from dark. It’s pop-ridden, crafted with major notes and claps, cute female vocals and punch. Lyrically though, we are taken on a ride of catastrophic proportions.

She closed the door with the intention of not looking back
But missed her step because she didn’t have a steady track.
She can’t be bothered by the mistakes she’s made,
But she’s forgetting that’s what guides you to the rightful path.”

Strangely, as this song played on repeat today in my apartment, I found myself simultaneously crying with happiness and sadness during a telephone conversation. It was coincidental that my reaction to the conversation is sort of how I feel about this song; like crying and laughing all at once. Two opposing emotions that are so closely linked, it’s hard not to mesh them together in a form of art like music. The feeling of hearing a song that sounds so opposite of how you feel, but resonates because of its lyrics, is really special and haunting.

There’s a lot of music out there that does this — I think Belle & Sebastian is a prime example of this sort of music: that which is both melancholic and pop-tuned at the same time. As I briefly touched on love and it’s appropriate marriage to music last week, I also feel that there’s something to be said about melancholy and happiness united under one medium. To translate that emotion to music is a phenomenal thing. For Lucius, this is a moment to be proud of. This track embodies a simple but mature notion that everyone deals with when overcoming not only love that was lost, but anything else that was lost. For me, today, it’s Nicki Muller. She remains such an incredible force in my life, and the way she was able to live her own life was remarkable in so many ways. An artist, one who definitely understood the matters that I often discuss in my posts about love, humanism, body language… she was always able to achieve everything she set out to do, in such an inspirational way.

I have been moved. In more than many ways. I feel powerful with the ideas of this life. I feel power with the ideas of those who enter me; who excite me; who know me. This world gives me much question but more so purposes. I have been continued by the human spirit. There is great power among us. I am open. I am aware. I am alive. We are here for reason. We are here for purpose. WE ARE ALIVE. I see this world for fantastic being amongst us power. I thank you. -Nicki, Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 10:05 p.m.

Words to live by. Rest in peace, power, and love, Nicki.

 Lucius – Turn It Around