Retro Stefson – Glow

Storms. Giants. Elections. Retro Stefson.  Four things that have been of great concern to my personal agenda this week.  And by the way, let me send a huge shout-out to our fellow EMPT writers currently recovering from Sandy.  My thoughts are with ya’ll, and I hope that you all survived unscathed. I think this is a perfect track to pull you out of the mess and get back on your feet.

I stumbled upon Retro Stefson in the Facebook comment feed of a status update from Scott Vener, music supervisor for Entourage. His post was “Anybody heard good music lately?,” and in flooded the tips. You find good music like this in the weirdest places, right?

Hopefully I would’ve found out about this group eventually, since I can’t imagine my life without them now. Their sound resembles that perfect fusion of instruments acoustic and electronic, and comes across very honest.   The group formed in 2006 in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Preceded by other Icelandic bands like Sigur Rós and múm, they reflect the lofty vocals of the former and the adventurous composition of the latter.  Also, I can’t help but think of them as the PERFECT co-headliner with Little Dragon.  Just like LD, they thrive on infectious dance-rock beats and a tight, dynamic sound.

Glow is a track  you’ll want to throw on repeat, with numerous elements that only unearth themselves upon repeated listens.

Retro Stefson – Glow