Californiaman – Give Love Back

It’s well known that music has the power to transport one to another era or place. The fact is that Californiaman is doing the newest and oldest music out there right now. Very little is known about Joel Igor Hammad-son from Stockholm, Sweden.

In this song specifically he’s preaching about love, companion through hard and good times and how he’s spreading the word ‘stealing love back’. It’s a 70’s meets 80’s sunny vibe reminiscent of Phil Collins meets Hall & Oates. He calls his music ‘blue-eyed soul’. You can’t help but think of a sunset in San Francisco while hearing this song. It’s so retro yet so new. No one knows when this or his other songs will be out. I don’t even remember how I bumped into this guy since it was only uploaded to his soundcloud 2 months ago. He only has 80 people following him there so I doubt many of you have heard him before.

I hope this discovery is welcomed by you the same way I did. It opened my ears to the type of music I like to call the Q-tip of songs out there. That type of music that doesn’t hurt the ears and helps us cleanse our musical palates of all the nonsensical trash that’s out there. That’s why I’m including another of his amazing tracks. I highly invite you to follow his work on Soundcloud. The bonus is called Drums Don’t Play Themselves. The echoed guitar channels Dire Straits and the use of that Juno synth is as pure 80’s as it gets, but don’t forget the sun — the sun’s always present in his songs.

Californiaman – Give Love Back


Californiaman – Drums Don’t Play Themselves

By Yaqui

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