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Skinny Lister – Colours (Psychemagik Remix)

“Every story has already been told” –many people

…You just have to find a new way to tell it. That’s one of the first lessons you’re taught in creative writing classes, and it’s a hard one to disagree with–particularly when you look at the way Hollywood recycles the same ideas over and over again.

As someone who attempts to write, the most difficult aspect in the processes is picking up the pen and paper (or banging on the keyboard) and asking yourself: first, has this story already been told, and second, will anyone even see this? Of course, many phenomenal stories still do get told on a regular basis by people who either know how to tell a familiar story in an unheard way, or shape a story with characters that people will care about. No matter the art, every story teller must have a different slant–a unique voice and a new way to tell a similar story you may have heard before.

It’s a difficult reality that many artists–and musicians in particular–have to battle with. And with so much music being produced on a daily basis, it’s definitely daunting.

Because I’m fascinated with words, and I’ve always wondered what would happen when we run out of new names for songs. Over and over again, I see the same word or words being used as a song title (quick, try to think of a title for a song–odds are, it’s been taken). This recycling of words partially occurs because there are only so many words to describe feelings and the emotions a song encapsulates. And at a basic level, artists simply want to share their feelings.

This is not the first song with the word “Colours” in it (see: Fred Falke‘s classic Hot Chip remix, Grouplove, etc.), but it’s a rather good one. Skinny Lister, a London based-folky band that I know nothing about, tells a pretty relaxed tale of summer and the dope colors that inhabit that time of year.

The UK-production duo Psychemagik (who enjoy making “demented beats”), have added another ace remix to their resumé, speeding the song up with some synth and taking it to a more uplifting place. It’s not fancy, but it’s lush and filled with colorful vibes.

Yes, colours (and colors) are a fairly basic, omnipresent aspect in life. They’re triply, they’re cool, and they’re inspiring. Whether you’re a musician, writer, or architect (whether you shape or attempt to shape things), above all else, you have to believe in your story. Odds are if you don’t think it’s worth telling, no one else will either.

Skinny Lister – Colours (Psychemagik Remix)

Skinny Lister –  Colours