French Kiwi Juice – Lying Together

Man, this is exactly the kind of fire I’ve been sitting around waiting to come across for a long time now. The kind that oozes sexy out of its pores, that closes the eyes and spreads that warm smile, raising the ears ever so slightly while the head bobs involuntarily — you know what’s good.

Ooh, oh baby.”

 I’ve been straight listening to this track all week. I’ve definitely talked before about how much I love when music fades in from a distance, and that’s exactly how this track begins. I wouldn’t classify this as a house track, definitely funkier, but it uses elements of house in that new musical bits are trickled into the mix. So from beginning to middle, you’re listening to the same thing but with new additions. A constant reminder of the build.

As I’ve said on Twitter and Facebook, today, we have endless things to be happy about. Despite the disaster of last week, we have our lives to be thankful for. So grateful for the people we choose to surround ourselves with. The ability to trust our own judgment. Our sadness, as well as our happiness. We have a country that will not only continue on for another historical four years, but one that embodies a progressive mindset, one that will help us make the climb back up to the top. We have a president to love. We are a part of something so huge, today, so remember that. Whomever you are with, wherever you work, whatever you’re choosing to spend your time doing, remember that because that relationship exists in a beautiful today.

Despite the Nor’easter that is happening outside my office window…

For me, this track is like a perfect love, where you wake up everyday, and that love feels like it’s new all over again. That’s how it is every time I hear this.

Give someone a hug and smile at a stranger, even in the rain, we can cherish life.

French Kiwi Juice – Lying Together


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