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Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Friction Remix)

If election fervor confirms anything, it’s that opinions are like assholes–some stink worse than others. And that people will never unanimously agree on anything–even if it’s as overtly obvious as choosing the candidate with more integrity and compassion to be a nation’s spokesman. It sucks to see how divided a nation you live in.

Politics, like music, is a polarizing, subjective subject. People will always disagree about one of the most subjective topics around that can be backed up by no empirical evidence other than YouTube plays and Facebook fans: music. People gravitate towards music for one common cause that would make politics a lot chiller: love. And that’s what this song is all about.

“We can soar with love in the  morning, feed your soul with love in the evening, expand your soul with love on the weekend…cause love is all I’ve got.”

We live in a diverse time and a band like Crystal Fighters represents this era to the fullest. The Basqued-out group takes musical influences from all sorts of countries and eras and fuses them into a unique sound that’s impossible to pigeonhole. Most tellingly: none of their songs really sound the same–and that’s a rarity in music.  It was a little surprising to see their name pop up next to an electro heavy hitter like Feed Me, but the collaboration produced a timely anthem.

I generally shy away from anything released by Feed Me, but when a friend sent me this track, I gave it a twirl. It’s certainly the kind of music that makes me feel like my brains being sucked into an elevator shaft while someone injects HGH into my heart. But it also has got some serious depth to it and features some seriously sophisticated production.

Friction intensified the song with extremely aggressive drums, bass, and laser beams, and it will get your weekend lifted with lots of commotion and lots of love.

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Friction Remix)

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got