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Rihanna – Diamonds (Remii’s Flashback Remix)

An invitation to shine bright in a specific moment in a call to seize the night. Inner beauty above all, this remix takes the best of the original –its meaning– and then some. And that’s exactly how I’m feeling tonight. Internet at home doesn’t work for the past week so I came to the Bogotá Beer Company’s roofless deck on the Parque de la 93 of Bogotá to steal some wifi and come through with my weekly posts for EMPT. Temperature’s amazing and this song just put me in the mood to go all carpe noctum on this day.

I found Remii out of the nothing. Leaving RiRi’s vocals intact except for lowering the BPM on it and adding a sick bassline that takes off almost immediately like foreshadowing a trip you’ll never forget. The first beats sound like something taken from a Viceroy Jetlife Remix but not for long. It is those long lasting synth strokes that defy the volume in the mix and somehow regurgitate time and time again throughout the song, it makes for an addictive concoction of sounds when mixed naturally with the beats and the drumwork.

Everything about Remii as evidenced in his work is about extending that end just a little longer – like adding another after the last one. Dance away into the dark with this and lets keep celebrating all these artists like Remii, Cyril Hahn, Jetlag and others which are taken us to a more downtempo yet still happy place in music discovery. A place that gives us hope and will to keep finding these fresh approaches to traditional music that we find so much joy in sharing with you.

Rihanna – Diamonds (Remii’s Flashback Remix)


By Yaqui

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