Music Remixes

Wild Belle – It’s Too Late (Snakehips Remix)

I really wanted a mellow, feel good Sunday track and I got even more then I had hoped for with this remix of Wild Belle’s “Its Too Late”.  London’s own Ollie Dickinson AKA: Snakehips, took the groove too the next level with some more base and a hip-hop/club style feel, a remix that you can really move too, but chill and feel the calm in the midst of any crowd or any situation.  Don’t front, I know the SWAG has captured you!

It’s a great track to wind down your week/weekend while listening to Natalie Bergman’s sexy bedtime vocal’s you can really breakdown anything that was thrown at you during the week with a peace of mind.  It’s amazing how the tone of someones voice can change everything. I mean can you imagine if you were having a horrible argument with someone except you both were talking in sultry sexy bedtime voices, that argument probably would turn into some steamy love making, just sayin’…

Lately I have been finding lyrics that have resonated for me so perfectly..

Now that you want me it’s too late 
It’s too late for love 
Or when you got me 
You don’t care 
It’s too late for love 

I’m tired, so tired of playing … 
My mind is made up 
Uuuuuh uuuh 
I’m not coming back to you 

I need a man that treats me right 
He’ll treat me right 
He’ll feed me supper more than twice 
Yes he will, yes yes, he will 
I’m not asking for lots of fancy toys 
I don’t need a lot of fancy toys 
Someone to keep me warm at night.”

..And when “it’s too late”, it’s too damn late.  Whether it’s friends, boyfriends or girlfriends I don’t think you have to look at these lyrics in one way.  However you want to apply them, do so.  Thanks Wild Belle, I needed this, and it has made my Sunday too good, hope this groovin’, sexy, boss remix gives you the same chill vibrations it’s given me, enjoy!

 Wild Belle – It’s Too Late (Snakehips Remix)