Music Remixes

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)

This track gives me chills, and I am about to say something I rarely say, but this might be my favorite remix that I have heard in the past 2 months. Incredible!  Barretso doesn’t play games, in fact he consistently turns heads with his amazing skills at cranking out these positively chilling synth/pop productions, as well as not taking away from Lana’s vocals and putting an amazing electro spin to them.  I am a pretty avid fan of Miss Lana with her beautiful vibrato and sweet girl rebel mentality.  If you know Me, then you know that anything that screams rebellious sparks Mollz’ interest, you better believe Barretso has been on my positive music radar for a while know and this has pretty much topped me off!

As the New Year approaches us ever so quickly I have been feeling more and more vibrant or maybe alive is a better word, just very comfortable in my own skin and mentality.  Ya ya there are the weirdos who think the world is going to end but honestly along with many others I just think a rapid change is upon us and it’s a true new beginning, especially for our new young generation, we have much more control then we think.

The new anthem:

Just Ride.”

Perfectly and simply said for the wonderful new change that is upon us, “Just ride” it people and enjoy!

Oh ya and everyone have a wild (and safe) Thanksgiving..

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)