Daft Punk – Emphazed

There’s a lot of buzz about this track, specifically with regards to whether or not it actually is Daft Punk, forcing us to decide if we should get excited about a new album or not. There are rumors on the Twitterverse and Internet that there may be an album in 2013. Regardless, I think we can safely assume that this track is in fact Daft Punk. Since you guys are EMPT readers, I know that you’ve listened to enough Daft Punk to know their quality sound.

This track feels like a video game. But the video game is a bucket of milk filled to the top where you can dip a tie-dyed paint brush into the milk, sneakily, and then you wait for the colors to explode. You’ve created your own iTunes visual art.

I think what makes this song so perfect is the conversational aspect to it. At any given point there are two different melodies going on at the same time, and throughout the journey of the song, they learn to converse with one another. It’s not right from the beginning, but more of a gradual understanding for one another throughout. That’s what makes it so exciting, because it’s like watching two people speak two different dialects of the same language. There’s alarm at first, the glimmer of hope that comprehension can be achieved. It’s only when trust barriers are broken down and words are thrown into the mix with a hopeful and pensive eyebrow raised, that the other begins to comprehend.

I’ve been really weird with my comparisons lately, I hope you guys are following. This week’s got my brain twisted into all sorts of funky, but I’m so thankful for the music that we come across that functions as a means of grounding the body and soul.

Unveil this track to your ears on a run. It will do wonders for your motivation to move faster. Not like it’s a pump-up jam necessarily, but listening to that conversation is key to helping you get to the top of that hill, bridge, or end of the road.

Daft Punk – Emphazed