Music Remixes

K Koke feat. Maverick Sabre – Turn Back (Tough Love Remix)

I’ve been living this daily
With no peace
No daydreams to save me
Get high ’cause I want to survive
Wish I could turn back the hands of time.”

When a tune is this perfect, it’s hard for me to turn away for even a second. The fear is that it will go away forever, that the feeling I get from it will one day stop happening. Luckily, I’ve realized that with this track, the emotion resonates forever. The tonally deep vocals are trancing, while the words tattoo themselves to the walls of your brain. A concept one can relate to at any point and any stage in their life, not even in a literal “get high” kind of way, but more along the lines of needing to elevate the mind and body to survive. To reach new levels of understanding and knowledge. The remix is about the music, not necessarily about the vocals like the original. But the vocals add a flavor, that drive the track further and further into your ears so that it’s stuck there even after you’re done listening. The tune is the sort that makes you believe you can start singing again, maybe it’s because the notes are bended with the slightest vibrato, sliding from one to the next.

Today’s day was marked by fear and slight hesitance from the evening prior. But I awoke this morning knowing that there was something in store for this day, regardless of the positive or negative effect. Something that is actually tattooed to the inner walls of my brain is the idea of faith not fear. When I speak for myself, my faith is a very specific spiritual matter, but the same can be said for anyone regardless of spiritual and religious orientation. To wake up this morning was a blessing, a treat. And to be scared of anything that may or may not have happened was a thing of yesterday, because today was all about the present. Not hoping or waiting for the future to happen. Today is the future you’ve been thinking about. The ultimate power that you hold is the ability to turn thoughts into reality, and that is truly magnificent.

I’m try’na be somebody
Need to get on up
Need to get on up now.”

K Koke feat. Maverick Sabre – Turn Back (Tough Love Remix)