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EMPT Classics: Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)

It’s rainy here in Brooklyn and I really wanted to go get a tree today to have my place smelling fresh, but sadly I am cooped in my apt about to watch some football and chillin’ out to some good tunes like this EMPT Classic, Gemini Club.. Not such a bad way to spend a Sunday now that I think of it.


Originally posted October 5th, 2010


A reader by the name of Fleur left this comment in our about page…

Why do you call your music BACHELOR PAD music??????? I am a GIRL (I just noticed that my boyfriend’s music is on your site funnily enough) and I listen to the kind of music you have on your blog in my NON BACHELOR pad. Obviously. I find that very sexist.”

Well Fleur, EMPT is in fact frequented by a mostly female audience and if you read into the site a bit you’ll easily see how much we appreciate everyone that comes to check us out. Also, when I thought of that tag I didn’t really see it as a girl or guy thing, it just so happened that I listened to music I refer to as Space Age and me and all my friends lived in bachelor pads. I wasn’t trying to capture any demographics or any other corny business thing like that, it was…

Just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen
Just what I’m feelin at the time, you know what I mean? – Jay-Z (The Ruler’s Back)

As you stated, you don’t have to be in a bachelor pad to enjoy EMPT and it doesn’t matter what sex you are. Alright, with that cleared up I finally got around to posting the Hey Champ Remix of Gemini Club’s Ghost. There’s not much to say about it, just another great nu disco track to chill out to. I will warn you, the track gets straight up weird at about 3:27, they start doing some dissonant stuff with the melody that takes you away from that blissful feeling the rest of the track has. Aside from that this is a great jam to chill out to, enjoy.

Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)