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Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Follow Me Remix)

Being a child of the 80’s who really lived the 90’s I can attest to how popular and hard hittin’ Back To Life (or how it was popularly known: However Do You Want Me). It seems the New York duo of Follow Me want to solidify themselves as the kings of soulful R&B classics remixes. It’s impossible for someone my age or around it now to reminisce about those times as a kid as one listened to this son on the radio or a cassette tape. I was fortunate enough to sport one of the first portable yellow-water-and-shock-proof (for like 10 seconds) Walkman CD Players. I remember I had the original CD (I only say original because of the newer kids reading this, there was no other option back then in the CD format). And I played that CD so much on that and other CD players that it ended up getting scratched and beat up.

It was a really fun epoch of sorts. And it’s even better to relive those moments but in a fresh and contemporary way. So, thanks Follow Me.

A month ago I wrote a piece here on EMPT on they Isley Brothers’ remix which was oh so good itself and we couldn’t help not to write about this one either.

Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Follow Me Remix)

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