The Amplifetes – You/Me/Evolution

Very little is known about The Amplifetes — and by very little I mean me. In fact, aside from the video that was released days ago, it was hell to find a promotional copy of the song. The video may just start as your average small-kids-do-grown-up-things-dressed-in-grown-up-clothes, but you soon realize that there is more that lies beneath the eternal 50-frames-per-second video clip that the Swedish quarter picked to complement their single.

One thing is a fact, you can’t help but hear some Miike Snow on the production shifts that separate the different chapters of the story told through sound. Even in the vocals and the treatment too. But there’s something very attractive and haunting about The Amplifetes’ sound. That recursive bassline from the starts lays a bed with a plethora of layers on top of it and below the subtly flangered vocals. And when you listen to it as a whole is that you understand why with every listen you discover a new element and the song grows and grows on you. The video has caused quite a commotion on Youtube, evidence is in the comments. It would be interesting to know your thoughts on the video and the song.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you to it. In the end, and no matter what anyone thinks, life is about you, me evolution and seizing today and the next.

The Amplifetes – You/Me/Evolution



By Yaqui

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