Big Boi – Apple Of My Eye

The intro on this track really caught my ear, and that’s not easy especially when the lyrics don’t come in until 42 seconds, which for me at that point I usually skip to a different track but being a huge fan of Big Boi I knew I was going to hear the unexpected.  The creative sounds, the eerie anticipation of what the breakdown of the beat is going to be.  That’s how it has always been even back in the Outkast days, (which really wasn’t that long ago) just this beautiful unpredictability of unique, funky hip-hop, with great vocals and great lyrics and a flow that is hard to match.  I know most people are still living in denial that Outkast has now just become the two dudes on their own, Andre 3000 and Big Boi, but we all knew in the back of our minds it was going to happen so just snap out of it and stop whining!

I think what they have created on their own is great, and especially on Big Boi’s new album “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors” (which by the way is a dope title for an album), you can appreciate the fact that Big Boi doesn’t stray away from some of the old patterns, techniques, and melodic structures that made the boys from Outkast who they are and will always be remembered as today.  So those of you living in denial mode you are still essentially getting that same bite from the past, but everyone has to grow and keep moving with the world as it is evolving, right?..Right!  This is another track I am going to stick in my study stash, great flow, catchy structure, boss lyrics as always, I gotta study hard as an artist myself to keep up with some of these Greats!

I have been under the weather the past couple days and I have no idea what sick is anymore because it’s been so damn long that I still try and run around like a mad women each day and come to find my body just crashing hard as of last night after a phenomenal Knicks game…So looks like the couch, football and some good music are keeping me locked inside of my apartment today, and Apple of My Eye, perked me up as much as I can be perked right now.

Stay healthy people, Enjoy!

Big Boi – Apple Of My Eye