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Saint Michel – Katherine (Lifelike Remix)

Today I’m packing Part I of my stuff as I prepare to move back from Bogotá to Santo Domingo in January. As I do this, it is my will to turn back time a bit so my 9 months here last a little longer. That’s why I dug three months back into my music archive for a song that brought some of the best memories of my time living in this amazing city. That’s what brings us to this joint, which was the most abused track on my iTunes three months ago. I hit it the same way it hits me – In the heart and the feet.

Meet Katherine, remixed in a way that couldn’t get any more french. Both the dynamic duo Saint Michel and Lifelike are all french and the disco housed funk in this track is all that is good with french electronic music. It’s a friday tune, so it has a kick, and oh is it a serious one. Right from the get-go you can feel the song’s mean energy, and the good thing is it doesn’t let go of you until the end. There’s a really big chance that if you hit play before reading this post, by now, you are at least tapping your feet to the rhythm.

The song was released last september and it is one of the most sought after french nu disco releases of this year’s last quarter.

“Katherine, the princess all die
Only fairy tales we’ve tried,
Don’t know who I am
Katherine, I wish you to be mine.”

Saint Michel – Katherine (Lifelike Remix)


By Yaqui

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