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Depeche Mode – Dream On (Nu Sky Remix)

Sometimes I hear banger tracks and get really frustrated because they all sound the same. But the opposite is going on here. What I find with this remix, is something I’ve seen in few others. It’s what I talked about when we brought you that Polly remix by Bruno Be. It’s also what I think, a lot of Virgin Magnetic Material does with his remixes, which is an element that doesn’t necessarily tamper with the original. Instead, we hear a maximized sound, as if listening to a song on a regular car stereo, then listening to that same song on a surround sound speaker system. Magnification of details and elements you may not have necessarily thought of in the original. These types of remixes have become their own subgenre of electronic, I feel.

Now I’m all about Depeche Mode and I’ve been fortunate enough to find only good Depeche Mode remixes. I don’t know if it’s just because I am selective with what I choose to listen to, or if it’s because those who take on the feat of remixing anyone like Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, etc. know that if they don’t do something right, they’ve royally screwed up. And they could be blamed for a disaster of grandiose, epic proportions.

Which is why this remix is fantastic. There’s a high pitched cowbell thing going on, and I love it. If I were Stefon from SNL right now, I’d probably say: “This track’s got everything — über sexual vocals, the entire ’80s club scene of New York City, snappy drums and a sparsely scattered beep of an answering machine.”

It’s actually got all of those things. Sorry if I offended anyone about ’80s club scene, I’m clearly no expert on that matter since it was before my time. But in my fantasies, this song exists in some ’80s club and together we’re in blissful harmony.

I’m in the suburbs for the holidays, and this song makes me want to jump up and down in my cozy house where everyone can hear everything in any given room. Life is laid back and mellow around these parts, forcing me to breathe a little slower, take in the surroundings, and listen more. But then I hear tracks like this which take me right back to the life that I also love in New York City, the life that isn’t so lavish but has plenty of love and cheers. This song speaks to that.

I can’t stop dinging with that high pitched cowbell. Live it up!

Depeche Mode – Dream On (Nu Sky Remix)