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Ultraista – Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

Stop with the small talk
Won’t you
Don’t wanna feed the nightmare

Sharp memory talks
I hear around the room
Don’t wanna hear no more
Hear no more from you.”

These piercing vocals offer us an entrancing introduction to this remix. While the chopped up beats go in various directiosn, the vocals are what hold our hand throughout the song. Guidance at its finest musical moment. I have to admit, Four Tet has really surprised me in the past couple of months. I’ve never not liked him, I just never paid enough valuable attention to him. My roommate and other best friend introduced me to his chilled out sounds, and I’m so thankful for that. I wholeheartedly believe that we have to be in certain moods to hear certain songs and I think that’s why I didn’t instantly fall in love. But as soon as I started loving him, I couldn’t stop. I guess that’s how love is in general, I don’t know why I was so surprised at my reaction. A never-ending spiral upwards, downwards for some, but let’s say for the sake of music, it’s always up.

Ultraista’s chilling vocals in this track really convey a distinct message about a ridiculous behavior that we humans choose to involve ourselves in. Coated in a sexy and addicting chopped up beat, I’m sitting here thinking about how often I’ve been stuck in a ridiculous situation of smalltalk. It’s inevitable. When our brains get too loud, they inhibit us from speaking coherently, from saying what’s on our minds. It’s another defense mechanism. Thanks brain, I appreciate it. But I am not exempt from the act, I too, indulge in this waste of time. And it only happens when I truly have no idea what else to do. It has a lot to do with a person’s energy, how comfortable they make me feel. So it’s never going to be something I’m fully in charge of, and it’s definitely something I try to remain aware of. If that sounds like a defense for my inability to be the best conversationalist all of the time, that’s because it is. So what? We’re not perfect. It’s a lame part of our beings. If all conversations with all humans were awesome, we wouldn’t know the difference between magical and ridiculous.

Upon reflection, one of the most disappointing instances of smalltalk came from one of my ex-lovers. It’s when I truly realized how much I hated the act, and it came from a male that I once had so much respect for. As soon as I made the connection between my hate for smalltalk and him, I began to hate him, too. I remember the scene that spawned my realization. I just kept thinking, why are you doing this. I know you want to talk about real things, as he asked about medial schoolwork and academia that was of no interest to either of us. And no matter how much I willed our relations to change, the spiral of his non-genuine behavior continued, as it usually does. In this instance, fake behavior spirals as constantly as love. When a person chooses to be non-genuine, this un-realness usually continues. A person in love only falls deeper and deeper in love. The problem is that either way, they’re falling.

I’m surrounded by many loved ones, family wise, but my loved one is across the country. If I were you, and my loved one was close within grabbing reach, I’d listen to this song with them. Yes, the content and lyricism is important, but the actual track as a piece of music drips with a thick and unmistakable layer of sensuality.

Ultraista – Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)