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Amerie – One Thing (Jetlag Remix)

In my internet travels, I’m so thankful that I accidentally came across this sexy remix. Amerie’s vocals in this playful remix reminds us that this track came out in 2005, although the original has one of those qualities that I like to think make it timeless. That is, it feels like the club goers were bumpin’ and grindin’ to this tune way before 2005. I’m sure you guys agree. The snappy beats make for a renewed dance-floor hit, so get ready to get down with it.

Jetlag is the tag team effort of Miguel Fernandez & Renato Marquez. Together, they’ve produced sublime house beats partnered with some fave R&B tracks from the younger years, including I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston. It’s dance music that is catered to a dancing audience, while still allowing for artistic creativity on the DJs parts. That’s always something I think about, a defining characteristic of good and bad DJs. If I’m at a bar and the DJ takes over with some space-age experimental trance or noise that doesn’t match to any beat, I’m pissed off. Have you no regard for the crowd you’re working with? I can find a way to appreciate those talents outside, but not in the context of a dance-floor. I think Jetlag and a few other house-like DJs today have the perfect balance of showing their skills off, while simultaneously producing something people want to hear. Especially, when they’ve got the need to groove.

As 2013 approaches, I’ve got my mind set on playlists for the evening. It’s just something I like doing, because regardless as to how many glasses of champagne you’ve had, or how many parties you’ve hopped, it’s always nice to have a soundtrack at the place you finally decide to chill at. This song definitely makes it on the playlist — it’s a 2005 hit catered to 2013’s standards.

Without further ado, enjoy!

Amerie – One Thing (Jetlag Remix)